The 7 Cs of Peak Performance are the end result of thousands of hours spent on both the competing and coaching sides of performance.  After working with athletes competing at the highest levels, I have boiled it down to the 7 characteristics of those who are pursuing their best selves.

The Foundation :

CORE - The genuine truth of how you see yourself; your identity, separated from your performance; the make-up of your character and quality of life outside of sport.

COMMITMENT - The intensity of your dedication to achieving your goals; the quality of your balance of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, used to fuel your preparation.

COMPETITIVE SPIRIT - Your resilient passion for pushing yourself to the outer edges of your potential and testing yourself against the most challenging circumstances, opponents and obstacles; taking a process-oriented approach to competing as opposed to being fixated on results.

the mental skills :

CONFIDENCE - The strength and resiliency of your belief in yourself regardless of the circumstances, anchored in the humble knowledge that all your abilities are God-given; an unshakable belief that you can meet any challenge.

COMPOSURE - Your ability to manage strong emotions & nerves, and remain within your ideal zone of intensity while performing in all environments.

CONSISTENCY - Your ability to perform at a high level across a variety of circumstances; the strength and discipline of mind to successfully execute your pre- and post-performance routines automatically.

CONCENTRATION - The quality of your focus on the present moment and its demands while avoiding distractions of all kinds; the ability to devote 100% of your precious attention exactly where it needs to be for as long as is necessary.

Flow :

This is performance at its absolute peak.  Those who have experienced the flow state describe it as effortless and quiet.  Time seems to slow down while you're in it, but then afterward you feel like it happened so fast.  Your mind is in its most confident and focused state.  These are the moments when everything comes together, and this is what justifies all the blood, sweat, and tears in training.  This is the state in which everything just...flows.