"I've had the opportunity to work together with a significant number of different mental coaches and Matt's approach just works.  There are no gimmicks, no over-the-top techniques, just simple, straight-forward, tested skills that get results.  Since getting involved with our team two years ago, he has become a significant asset.  While we've certainly had a decent amount of success, the difference I've noticed in these past two years is a group that is more confident, in control, and relaxed.  In the toughest of situations, our guys have consistently performed at or above expectations, and I am certain that is a direct result of Matt's involvement."
Jason Preeo, Head Coach, Valor Christian High School Golf Team

"When I started working with Matt I noticed that my mental game of optimal peak performance was at an amateur level. I understood how to physically train but come game day of competition I would get a continuous anxious feeling which would hinder my ability to perform at my true 100% level. Matt and I worked on focusing on different stages of intensity in my training and I would really focus on staying at a consistent level when it counted in order to call upon my athletic abilities at an optimal rate. After applying some of his techniques to my training I fought my way onto the 2012-2013 USA National Bobsled team pushing for USA-2 at a Worldwide level with the best athletes in the world. His patience and attention to detail make him a pleasure to work with and his professionalism in sports psychology delivers results."
A.D., USA National Bobsled Team Member 

"Matt worked with myself and my cross country teams for the entire season, providing group activities and workshops as well as one-on-one meetings with the athletes. We had a noticeable improvement in goal setting, team unity and alleviating pre-race anxiety while Matt worked with the team. We were able to win league championships for both the boys and girls teams - a first in the history of our program! Matt is skilled, knowledgeable and very personable - I highly recommend using Matt individually and with your whole team."
M.B., High School Cross Country Coach

"Coach Long has renewed my race attitude in ways that I could never do on my own. Before meeting with Coach Long, I would stress myself out about racing more than necessary, and it got to a point to where it affected my performance. But when I started meeting with him, we discussed pre-race mental strategies, positive self-talk, and mantras; which after some practice completely flipped my mental state.  After a very poor performance on the first day of the 2015 state track meet, Coach Long was the first person I called. I felt worn out, broken, and discouraged; and had to get myself ready to race the mile and half mile the next day. So he offered me more mental strategies, believed in me, and then built me back up. And the next day I set a PR in both events and finished my season strong.   I love how Coach Long has a passion of breaking down the mental barriers so that his athletes can reach their full potential. He has helped me immensely and I wouldn't be the runner I am today without him!"
R.H., High School Cross Country/Track Athlete, and Division I signee

"Matt conducted an eleven-week series of Mental Game workshops at our club. He helped us establish our goals and in each session reviewed one aspect of what might be holding us back and what we could do to overcome it and improve our game, e.g., pre-shot routine, focus, forward thinking, visualizing the entire flight of the ball, relaxation, storing a memory bank of great shots, and many others. The techniques he taught us have been so helpful to me and I continue to use them every time I step up to the ball. Last fall, in three back-to-back tournaments, I won my flight each day - and I credit my concentration and consistency to Matt's excellent work with us."
A.H., Amateur Golfer

"When I started working with Matt, we really focused on my physicality. I was about 6'7'' and only 185 pounds so I had to learn to adapt my mental toughness to be able to play basketball with stronger and more explosive competition. I met with Matt every couple of weeks and often times briefly after practices to address strategies for becoming a tougher and more aggressive player. We watched videos of NBA players and established individual goals to help push me to the next level and to become the player I wanted to be. I found that working with Matt was extremely helpful. With his help, my rebounds and points drastically went up, and I found myself emerging as a team leader and pushing other players to their own potentials. Matt also helped me and my teammates deal with particular issues we had with our coach, and in doing so, he was able to unify the players and help bring us together as a team. I honestly owe a lot to Matt and I really respect and am thankful for what he did for me."
D.T., High School Basketball Player

"Before I started working with Matt, I had a bit of a problem. I threw up at least once in every cross country race during my freshman and sophomore seasons. This happened due to my inability to overcome the stress and anxiety I was facing before and during each grueling race. As a result, I hated racing and considered giving up my love for running. Luckily for me, during my junior season, Matt worked with my team. He seemed to know everything about sports psychology. In my individual sessions with Matt, I practiced visualization, positive self talk, and other strategies that I practiced throughout the season to maximize my potential. Matt guided me and gave me confidence and hope. By the end of my junior season, after working with Matt for about two months, I stopped throwing up in races, got faster times, and actually became excited for races instead of dreading them. I continued to practice the mental strategies Matt taught me, and I have reached my season goals, won a league championship, improved my times on all courses by over a minute, made it to the California State Cross Country Championships this year, and have the opportunity to run in college next year. Through working with Matt I have seen the tremendous impact a strong mind can have on performance, and I am forever grateful for all of the help and confidence he has given me."
S.G., High School Cross Country Runner

"When I first met with Matt I was experiencing a shooting slump and I wasn't sure how exactly to approach it from a mental standpoint. We talked through how to keep confidence regardless of whether or not shots were falling and worked on different relaxation techniques in order to make sure that the mental side of the game wasn't taking away from performance. In addition to working on mindset in games, Matt worked with me on mentally visualizing success in different scenarios and helped me build confidence to feel better prepared for game time situations. Matt helped me also begin to train the mental side of my game - encouraging a conscious reflection about how I mentally approached different situations in a game, whether it was dealing with controversy or preparing for high pressure situations. After working with Matt I've been able to take a confident mental approach to how I perform as an athlete."
R.B., High School Basketball Player