As an athlete you have experienced moments where everything came together.  You were confident, poised, in the moment, in control, with a relaxed focus - everything in the game was effortless.  But for most of us these moments are fleeting.  Why is that?

The answer to that question is what mental performance coaching is all about.  What's crucial to understand is that the "feelings" listed above are actually skills, and skills can be developed through consistent, purposeful training.  This mental training is what separates the great performers from the rest.  So many athletes claim to understand the importance of their mental game but fail to develop their minds in the same way they develop their bodies.

Notice that in the above list of peak performance skills there is no mention of winning.  Another defining characteristic of elite performers is a commitment to the pursuit of the best version of yourself, rather than a single-minded focus on winning.  This pursuit is where my athletes and I spend our time.  

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